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This site has been designed to help people with a bit of time on their hands make money. It contains links to some of the best sites for earning money through paid to read email. (PTR)

For those of you who don't know here is some basic info. The companies listed below will credit your account every time you click the links contained in emails which they send you. To make the most of this I suggest you sign up to as many as possible. If you fancy making more money you can refer your friends. For every new member you refer to a site the 'paid to email' company will give you a small percentage of your friends earnings for doing nothing. This is not taken from your friends account it is EXTRA!!! The more friends you refer and the more email links you click the more you will earn!! When your account reaches a certain minimum they will give you payment options (most pay via paypal or e gold), and they simply transfer the cash to you. Simple.

Most the companies pay in dollars (USD), don't worry if this isn't your home currency, paypal will convert it all for you :)


Gain pay send out around 15+ emails a day, they also have a low payout rate at just $1 and a massive 10 referral levels!!! If you like Gainpay, join GAINMAIL too, its run by the same people and has many of the same features.

Payingemails4u have a very good reputation. Just 1 referral level but its 20% :) Plenty of pay to clicks too.

Admail send out a good few emails, 4 referral levels with good percentages. This one is always rated highly in polls for PTR programs.

New webmistress running this one. One referral level of 20%, emails worth around 0.25 - 1cents and there are plently of them. No Minimum Payout!

Donkeymails have 5 referral levels and automatic minimum payouts.

Wepaymail are run by the same fantastic team who run Gainpay and Gainmail. Plenty of emails and a fast earning program.

UK resident? Join Archerfish, a fantastic paid to read program which pays in pounds.


Below are sites that I am still reviewing. Most are in this section because they don't send out that many emails or are a new program that is not well known.

None right now!!

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